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  • Airis SUP 11'

    Airis SUP 11'

    This 11' stand up paddleboard will serve all your needs. It is durable -- built for short or long trips.

    Disclaimer: Paddles a...

    Regular Price: $899.00

    Special Price: $699.00

  • DryCase


    Clear waterproof bag for storing your smartphone. Phone can be used while stored, even underwater. Works with all phones and mp3 players. ...
  • Airis SUP 9'

    Airis SUP 9'

    The 9' stand up paddleboard is convenient, light, and built for fun.

    Disclaimer: Paddles are not included with purchase. ...

    Regular Price: $749.00

    Special Price: $649.00

  • DryCase Earbuds with Microphone

    DryCase Earbuds with Microphone

    DryBuds Sport are waterproof earbuds with a microphone. Useable up to 3 meters underwater. ...
  • Airis Air Dock

    Airis Air Dock

    The Airis Airdock is portable, stowable, and easy to use. ...
  • Airis Tandem Kayak

    Airis Tandem Kayak

    Airis Tandem - fun for two! At 11'10" and 27 lbs, it's still much lighter than any non-inflatable counterpart.


  • Earth Brite

    Earth Brite

    Earth Brite is great for cleaning and protecting many surfaces from dirt and water stains ...
  • WB10 Performance Sail Kit

    WB10 Performance Sail Kit

    Comes with high end rigging features, but still easy to rig or break down in minutes. Fits Walker Bay 10 / RID 310